Our Services

We specialise in providing a full range of IT Consultancy services for small businesses
IT Roadmap

Understanding how IT can benefit your business is our core competency, from helping you to improve sales by expanding your online presence to improving customer service by the introduction of a customer relationship management platform, our aim is to provide maximum business value from minimal expenditure

Supplier and Vendor Management

We can act as a ‘stand in Chief Technical Officer’ to ensure that you have first class technical representation when dealing with suppliers and vendors, making sure that your technology requirements are fully understood, and reviewing proposals to ensure that you are receiving maximum value for your money

Hardware and Software Services

As well as fixing all manner of PC and laptop problems we can advise on the right software products to meet your business requirements, and can specify the hardware required to run your software based on your expected usage. We can also advise you on options for running your applications ‘in the cloud’ and provide installation, management, maintenance and support services


We are not a recruitment agency, but we will work closely with your recruitment company to ensure that you find the ideal applicant for your vacancy. Our services include briefing the agency, filtering initial applications, performing initial telephone interviews and if necessary providing formal interview services.

About Us

Providing first class IT services to small businesses

As a small business you may not have access to full time IT staff, but the effective use of IT can make a huge difference to your profit. Our aim is to become your ‘stand in’ IT guy: someone who can advise you on how technology can help your business, someone who can talk to suppliers or vendors on your behalf, or someone who can be on the end of the phone when you have an urgent technical problem. We have over 18 years experience in providing first class consultancy services, and our goal is to help you to grow your business until you no longer need us

  • IT Roadmap
  • Supplier and Vendor Management
  • Hardware and Software Services
  • Recruitment